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Frequently Asked Questions


German DIN ISO Standard 12757-2 defines the standards of permanence for the color paste which can be seen on paper when held against light, for the chemical solutions and for the writing quality of the refill. Refills which are marked with a DIN symbol have high writing quality and the writing is forgery-proofed.

Following LAMY ballpoint pen refills are waterproof in all colors and sizes: M 16, M 21 and M 22.

Mechanical Pencil

Press the button gently and a short, sharp lead will emerge from the tip of the pencil - which naturally contains not just one, but a whole stock of leads.

The mechanical pencil is an ideal addition to any organizer or notebook - whether it used for writing, sketching or correcting.

Lamy makes pencils for medium-hardness HB leads in the sizes 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm. Underneath the removable button, some Lamy models come with a needle for cleaning the lead feed and an eraser tip.

Nib Grades

There's a suitable nib grade available for all types of handwriting. The choice of width depends on the person's hand:

* straight nibs, narrow or broad * medium rounded nibs * oblique nibs

The calligraphy pen, the LAMY joy and LAMY joy AL, comes with a broad nib with a flat writing surface that permits strokes of varying breadth and hence a very expressive hand.

Your local retail shop offers you the opportunity to try a fountain pen before buying it. This helps you to find the nib that suits your handwriting most. For more details on authorized Lamy dealers in your area please see a list on this web site.

Nib Change

All steel nibs can be changed by specialized retailers in authorized Lamy shops. Gold nibs should be changed by the LAMY Repair Center only. For further details on the LAMY Repair Center's address please refer to "repairs".

Fountain Pen

With such a wide range of nibs available, the fountain pen is the writing instrument that adapts best to each individual hand. In fact, it actually lends the user’s handwriting its own, highly individual quality and style. That is why children learning to write are taught right from the start that the secret of good handwriting comes from a good quality fountain pen.

Lamy's fountain pens come with three different filling systems. The piston-operated fountain pen is filled out of an ink bottle and is self-cleaning.

Cartridge pens are even easier to install.

For the best of both worlds, users can try Lamy converter. When this is inserted in the pen in place of a cartridge, the pen can be filled from an ink bottle, too.

Gel Pen

Gel pens, especially when used on dark or colored paper, can create some interesting effects for those who like to design their own invitations and place cards or to decorate their own gift-wrapping. The ink in these gel pens is made of light-fast pigments that dry on the paper without being absorbed by it. As gel pens should not be left open for long, the cap should be replaced immediately after use. Lamy's gel refills M 69 are available in gold and silver.


The engraving of initials or even a whole name can turn a simple writing instrument into a highly personal accessory. The engraving can be done either by mechanically scoring or milling or by laser. Most such markings are positioned either on the body or on/beside the clip, depending of course on the type of pen and the material it is made of.

Various typefaces are possible. For more detailed information on engravings, please ask your dealer.

Ballpoint Pen

As solid, easy-to-use all-rounders, ballpoint pens are ideal for everyday use. The quality of Lamy's ballpoints is evident from the refills used and the top quality, stainless-steel tip with a ball made of hard tungsten. Lamy ballpoint pens are available in stainless steel, aluminium or plastic and in a wide range of modern designs.

Multisystem Pen

These combine several different systems - such as ballpoint, mechanical pencil, marker and touchscreen pen - in a single writing instrument. There is a rotating mechanism for rapid system selection for all models of the LAMY twin pen and LAMY tri pen range. The LAMY 4pen is fitted with a system identification by view system. Lamy´s range includes a large number of such multi-system pens with various system combinations. These writing instruments use the ballpoint refill M 21, 0.5 mm or 0.7 mm pencil leads, the marker refill M 55 in orange and/or touchscreen refill M 70.

To replace the refills or reload pencil leads, multi-system pens are simply unscrewed in the middle.


Many Lamy propelling pencils have a particularly interesting feature. This is the cleaning needle. It may happen that graphite particles get lodged in the pencil mechanism and block access to the nib. You can use the cleaning needle to remove this blockage.

Fountain Pens: Because they are exposed to the air, the nib and ink duct may dry out and become encrusted, especially if cartridges are used. If a piston-operated filling system or converter is used, this problem is much rarer as the nib and ink duct are automatically flushed clean every time the pen is filled. 

Encrusted ink can be removed by filling the converter with water or ink and flushing out the system several times over.

It often helps simply to unscrew the front section and soak it in plain water for several hours. Always dry it again before replacing it and never add soap or detergent to the water!


The common inks of today for fountain pens are pure color inks made of water and dyes.

Durability: The average durability of an ink cartridge is 12 months. After 12 months the ink starts to evaporate. The result is that the ink cartridge is only filled half with ink although it is unused.

Mixing of different ink colors: The mix of different ink colors is not recommended. Due to the different ph-values the colors might precipitate. Please make sure that your fountain pen is thoroughly rinsed with water before filling it with a new ink color.

Removing ink stains: Only the royal blue ink can be washed out of most textiles. It is the best to wash out other colors with washing powder and water as soon as possible. Please do not treat with a solvent.

Waterproof: According to German DIN ISO Standard fountain pen inks are not waterproof. Black and blue-black ink is very permanent and can be read even after decades when stored in a dry and shady place.

Security measures

Lamy will take technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal data from loss and misuse. Your data will be stored in a secure operating environment that is not accessible to the general public. In certain cases your personal data will be encrypted on transmission by the Transport Layer Security (TLS) (formerly: Secure Socket Layer Technology (SSL)). This means that communication between your computer and the Lamy servers will take place using a recognized encryption method that in the current version at the time is deemed to be secure (at present: TLS Version 1.1 and above). If your browser supports TLS, the transmission of personal data will be protected by this function. In this case most browsers will indicate to you by means of a short dialogue field or by a graphics symbol whether the security protocol is supported. You can find further information under the help function of your browser. If you wish to get in touch with Lamy by email, please note that the confidentiality of the communicated information is not guaranteed. The content of unencrypted emails can – like postcards – be read by third parties. We therefore recommend you to send confidential information to us only by post.


As easy to use as a ballpoint, but almost as much a pleasure to write with as a fountain pen - these are the rollerball's two main assets.

Lamy's range includes one rollerball with a cap and M 63 refill and one without a cap, which uses a M 66 refill. The rollerball has a tungsten-carbide tip and produces a full line no matter how fast the user writes. It is strong enough to produce carbon copies and is ideal even for those who are left-handed.

How to use Lamy for advertising

Should you wish to use Lamy pens for advertising please refer to the business gift markings portal on this website or contact our sales department promotion products directly on info@lamyshop.us.